Technology is developing day by day. Similarly, nowadays we see a less number of mobile phones that come with removable batteries. But here a question comes in everyone's mind that why do most of the mobile phones nowadays come with a non-removable battery? And what is so special about this non-removable battery mobile phone that many companies like to make such mobile phones.
So in this post, you will know about the real reason why most of the mobile phones available in the market come with non-removable batteries. 

Do not forget to read the complete post because later in this post you will also know how to take care of your phone battery so that it lasts longer.

There are 5 main reasons due to which mobile phones nowadays come with a non-removable battery 

1.To create a tighter and slimmer design
Non-removable batteries don't need a back panel, which means they take less space inside the gadget. And nowadays people want phones made from high-quality materials and with many features so manufacturers decide to give them exactly that by making smartphones thinner and lighter.
2.To make mobile more water resistance
when mobiles phones build with non-removable battery Technology it makes mobile more waterproof. Because as there will potentially be less space for water to enter. So it will be easier to remove the water.
3.It improves safety and security
Sometimes we accidentally drop our phones. At that point, if it is a mobile phone with a removable battery then it will split into two pieces. But instead, if it is a phone with a non-removable battery then there will be only minor damage but it will not split in two. And another advantage is that if someone steals your mobile phone then it becomes difficult for them to disable the tracking feature.
4.Battery size issues (eg fitting, increasing mAh power)
You can only use a specific size battery if you use a removable battery mobile phone. And besides, you cannot increase its power and size.

To combat this problem, Apple assembles its batteries in their iPhones in  L shape.
5.Business Plan
The main reason is that companies want you to buy their products. They don't want your phone to last longer and they want customers to replace their phones every year. That's why they provide you with mobile phones that come with a non-removable battery.
These days, phones that come with a non-removable battery use a lithium-ion battery and this type of battery gets degraded over time.

Best tips to increase the battery life of your Smartphone
  • Don't buy cheap chargers. Always use the original charger.
  • Beware of ultrafast chargers. If you think this is not necessary for you then use a normal charger.
  • Remove your protective case while charging.
  • Avoid direct exposure to high and low temperatures of your mobile phone.
  • Always avoid using bright wallpapers and live wallpapers. Instead of that use dark wallpaper or use dark mode which is available in most smartphones.
  • Turn off your other features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS when not in use. Because when it is running in the background it consumes more power.
  • Do not use high-power consuming apps. If it is not necessary for you then uninstall them immediately.
  • Do not update the software immediately. Wait for some time because when you do instant software updates your mobile is looking for an internet connection so it uses more of its power to find a better internet connection.
  • Adjust your screen timeout and your screen brightness according to the situation.

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