There are very few people who know that when we search and see any place in India on Google Map, it looks blurry. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Many people think that this fact is fake but it is true. In comparison, if we search for a country other than India, we will get a clear view on Google Maps or Google Earth. 
If you do not believe then you can search anywhere in India on Google Map or Google Earth. And you can search any place except India and you can compare between them and you will get result whether this fact is true or false. But a question arises here that why does this happen? If you want to know all about these then you have to read this post till the end.

Why does Google Maps or any other agency that provides you with a mapping service show a blurry view of India as compared to other countries?
There are only two main reasons due to which we do not get clear images of any place in India on Google Maps
1.Security Reason (Disagreement with Borders)
Google does not have its own satellite. He uses NASA and USGS's Landsat 8 satellite for mapping.
India is more strict about its security laws and policies due to disagreements over borders. And due to the high clearance in Google Maps, it will reveal a lot of secret information like military bases, defense centers, home locations of high profile people. And anyone can access it easily. For this reason, the Indian government does not allow Google to show a clear map of any place in India.

2.Aerial Photography is not available in India (High cost & Large area)
What is Aerial Photography?
Aerial Photography:-Aerial photography is the taking of photographs from an aircraft or other flying object.
Platforms for Aerial Photography include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, balloons, blimps, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping, and vehicle-mounted poles.

In aerial photography, the first picture is taken from the sky. Then with the help of AI and algorithms, they combine these images with satellite images, after which it is transferred from satellite image to aerial image. And aerial photography in India is expensive and India is not a small country it is huge in size so it is difficult for mapping agencies to take pictures of everywhere in India. Due to this aerial view is not available in India so we get only satellite views.

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