Types of Cryptocurrencies:-There are so many different types of cryptocurrencies are available on the market like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple and many more. And one more interesting fact is that day by day New Types of cryptocurrencies are created.

Here We are going to Know about Some of the Top Cryptocurrency


Total Market Capitalization:- $ 1.1 Trillion

  • Release in 2009
  • Symbol  BTC
  • Founder of Bitcoin:-Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Hash Algorithm used in Bitcoin:-SHA 256d
  • Programming Language Used:- C++
  • Bitcoin Ever can be mined Upto 21 Million
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-PoW (Proof of work)
  • Transaction Time:-10 Min.


Total Market Capitalization:-$ 314.34 Billion

  • Release in 2015
  • Symbol ETH
  • Founder of Ethereum:-Vitalik Buterin
  • Hash Algorithm used in Ethereum:-Ethash
  • Programming Language Used:-Solidity, C++, Go
  • There is No limitation In Ethereum
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-PoW (Proof of work)
  • Transaction Time:-5-10 Min.


Total Market Capitalization:-$12.853 Billion
  • Release in 2011
  • Symbol LTC
  • Founder of LiteCoin:-Charlie Lee
  • Hash Algorithm Used in LiteCoin:-Scrypt
  • Programming Language Used:-C++
  • LiteCoin Ever can be mined Upto 84 Million
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-PoW (Proof of Work)
  • Transaction Time:-2-5 Min.


Total Market Capitalization:-$100 Billion
  • Release in 2013
  • Symbol XRP
  • Founder of Ripple:-Chris Larsen &Jed Mc Caleb
  • Hash Algorithm Used in Ripple:-Ripple Protocol consensus Algorithm (RPCA)
  • Programming Language Used:-C++
  • It is Not Mined it use a permissioned consensus mechanism via  a group of bank-owned servers to confirm transactions.
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-Consensus
  • Transaction Time:-3-5 Sec.


Total Market Capitalization:-$ 54 Billion
  • Release in 2013
  • Symbol DOGE, XDG
  • Founder of Dogecoin:-Jackson Palmer & Billy Markus
  • Hash Algorithm Used in Dogecoin:-Scrypt
  • Programming Language Used:-C++
  • Dogecoin started with a supply limit of 100 billion coins. By mid-2015 the 100 billionth Dogecoin had been mined with an additional 5 billion coins put  into circulation every year thereafter.
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-PoW (Proof of work)
  • Transaction Time:-1-6 Min.

6.Bitcoin Cash

Total Market Capitalization:-$ 13.7 Billion
  • Release in 2017
  • Symbol BCH
  • Founder of Bitcoin cash:-It is created from a fork of bitcoin.( Satoshi Nakamoto)
  • Hash Algorithm Used in Bitcoin cash:-SHA 256d
  • Programming Language Used:-Cash Script
  • Bitcoin cash Ever can be mined Upto 21 Million
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-PoW (Proof of work)
  • Transaction Time:-10 Min.


Total Market Capitalization:-$ 1.9 Billion

  • Release in 2014
  • Symbol DASH
  • Founder of Dash:-Evan Duffield & Kyle Hagan
  • Hash Algorithm Used in Dash:-X11
  • Programming Language Used:-C++
  • Total amount of Dash coin is created for supply is 18 Million
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-PoW (proof of work)
  • Transaction Time:-2 Min 39 sec.

8.Z cash

Total Market Capitalization:-$ 1.861 Billion
  • Release in 2016
  • Symbol ZEC
  • Founder of Z cash:-Zooko Wilcox
  • Hash Algorithm Used in Z cash:-Equihash
  • Programming Language Used:-C++, Python
  • Z Cash Ever can be mined Upto 21 Million
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain:-PoW (Proof of work)
  • Transaction Time:-1.25 Min.

These are the Cryptocurrencies which are dominating in the Crypto market Right Now.

There are estimated to be more than 4,500 different cryptocurrencies in circulation as of this writing, and the figure keeps increasing. Because of Blockchain technology is open source, that means any software developer can use the original source code and create something new with it.

In this Blog you have heard some terminology many times that is hash Algorithm, PoW (Proof of work) Here is the Explanation

Hash Algorithm:-It is a Type of Algorithm which is used in Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies algorithm and hash function are used to Secure Blockchain transactions and it is a necessary component of the crypto mining process.

PoW:-It Stands for Proof of work. It requires huge amount of energy, with miners needing to sell their coins to ultimately foot the bill.

Note :-The Value of Total Market capitalization May be changes when you are reading this blog because day by day people show their interest in cryptocurrency and investing their money in cryptocurrency so it may be vary acc. to people interest and investments.

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