Protect Yourself from being Hacked:-Day by day cyber attacks are increasing in every corner of the world. And the most scariest thing is Hackers steal 75 records every second. Do you know that Hackers create 3,00,000 new pieces of malware daily. You cant believe that By the time the average person takes a selfie and uploads it to Instagram, the next hacker attack has already taken place, strange but true. 

Interesting facts about Hacking

  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error.
  • Cybercrime is more profitable than the global illegal drug trade.
  • Russian hackers can infiltrate a computer network in 18 minutes.

Now its your responsibility that how to keep yourself safe from these types of Cyber attacks otherwise you will face a huge loss. everybody should know that information is everything and information is wealth.

Generally Most of the people are hacked in two ways 

  • System (Mobile Phones, Computers etc.)
  • Social Media ( Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.)
Before going to know that how to keep ourself safe from these types of cyber attacks we have to know that how we get hacked?


  • When we use Outdated system. Or when we don't update our system and use it. It may be smart phone or computer

  • Accessing Personal and Financial Data with public Wifi
  • Giving Unnecessary permissions to the applications
  • Using unknown USB Drives and Memory card
  • Using or Installing Unknown Software in computers and Mobile Phones from unknown sources
  • Visiting Unknown and unsecure websites
  • Clicking on Unsecure links
  • Not Using password or when you use simple password like I love you, rohan1234, 1234567, 07012001 etc.
  • When you are Not using any antivirus software in your system. Or Using your system when firewall is turn off.

Social Media

  • When you don't use Two factor Authentication.
  • Using of Social Media account in multiple Device or log in into social media account from multiple device.
  • Saving account Details in Browser
  • Sharing every personal details in social media
  • Sharing account details with friends
  • Clicking in unknown & unsecure links for offers and deals

  • Using weak password and same password in every social media account

There are so many mistakes that we do. But i included those mistakes which generally most of the people do that and get into the trouble.

Now Its Time For the Solution

  • Always update your system when it requires and use fully updated Software because the old system are more vulnerable to threats. There are so many Vulnerability and bugs are present in old system and software. Technology are developing day by day so it is easy for hackers to develop certain program against the system to Misuse that.

  • Never use Free Wifi. Because the Wifi which you are using may be controlled by hacker. They are always searching for victims. So If you want to access your personal data or financial data then use your cellular data(Mobile Data) or use secure Wifi (Password Protected).
  • limit your Permission. Don't give unnecessary permission to the software that you use. First check the app which you are using. And know that what they actually do. After that you set your permission according to your comfort. otherwise they will collect all your data and later they will misuse it like for brand promotion and scam etc.
  • Never use Unknown USB Drives or memory card because it may contain malware or trojans. when you insert it into your system it will affect your system very badly like it may erase all your data or may be monitor your every work and record. So Be careful . If you are using then scan it once severely by antivirus software.

  • Always Download Mobile apps or computer software from trusted sites. Ex:-In mobile phones it is always recommended that always download your apps from play store or in Computers download apps from its Official Website of that particular software. Although google play isn't 100 percent safe from malware. It is safer than downloading from unofficial website. If you are interested to download any particular third party software(Software which are not available on play store) then download it from the official site. 
  • Never Visit any unknown website or Never give your Personal details  in these sites like email id, Phone Number, Credit card details etc. The site which you think that it is a genuine website it may be a phishing site. Which is like a trap for you.

Now one question comes in everybody mind that how to know that which website is genuine and which is fake so don't worry it is very simple to identify.
  • You have to always check that there is a lock symbol present there in the URL bar if it is present then it is a genuine website otherwise if you will see a exclamation mark inside a triangle or circle then it is a fake or unsecure web site.
  • One more important thing is that in secure website when you will click on the URL tab you will see that  https//:  is written over there. Or in Fake website when you click on the URL tab you will see that http//: is written over there. The reason behind this is no SSL(Secure sockets Layer) certificates are required for http//: and for https//: it is required that you have an SSL certificate and it is signed by a CA.
  • Never click on Unknown and unsecure links these are somehow connected to a phishing site. which tells you that you have won 10,00,000 Rs and something like that or you have won a car. Where the hacker or scammer demand for your details like name, DOB, Phone number, credit card details. After filling out all the details by you he easily make fool of you and went away.
Now one question comes in everybody mind that How to know that which link is safe and which one is unsafe? It is also Very simple to know that which link is valid. 
Just follow these steps:-
  • First Copy the link which you want to check. 
  • Search Google transparency report on your browser
  • Paste the link 
  • Now click on the search icon. If it is a safe website or link it shows that no unsafe content found.
  • Always use password for your System because now a days Privacy matters. And you already know that Information is wealth.

  • Tips for Keeping strong Password:-
  • Never use easy password like 1234567, I love you, Maria1234, Password etc.
  • Change your password Once in a Month.
  • Use uppercase, lowercase and special symbol in your password. It means Create password which contains mixture of all these things. Ex:-KrK@Bhajanlal178#
  • Password must be at least 6 characters long.

  • Always use an antivirus software in your system. It will secure you from virus, trojans etc. And don't forget to enable Firewall in your system. It will Filter all the incoming and outgoing Data Packets. Which makes it very difficult situation for hackers to enter into your system.

2.Social Media

  • Always Use Two factor authentication. It is highly recommended by security experts because it adds an extra layer of protection to your social Media account.
  • Never use your social media accounts in multiple device. Let us take an example if you are using your social media account in your friend mobile phones. And you and your friend  don't know that there is a malware present in your friend mobile phone. Then without your knowledge silently malware takes all your data like contact details, Photos, Browser History. After that What? by using this Data, hackers Blackmail you. So think once before using your social media account in other device.

Or if you are using your account in other device and forget to log out your account from that device then do this:-

Here for example I am Using Facebook application
1.Go to setting option

2.After clicking on setting option, Go to security and login option and click there
3.Inside that at the top you will see that Facebook shows you all the logs of your accounts on see more option and you will get like this on log out of all sessions then you are safe.

Don't worry these features are available on most of the social media sites like Instagram, twitter etc.
  • Never save your account details in your Browser. Because it can easily accessible by anyone. 

     Let me show you how anyone can access your personal details
  • Open your browser and at the top right corner you will find three dots. click there

  • after that click on setting and google chrome setting page will open like this
  • Click on Password Option. after clicking You will get a page like this and go to the eye icon and click there you can easily see the password which is saved in chrome browser.

Same process are applied on mobile phones 
  • Don't share So many things on the Social Media. Because Sharing too many things on social media it is easy for hackers to find out the easiest way how they can easily hack you. so stop sharing so much things on social media. If you have less things are there on the social media then it is difficult for hackers to gain information about you.
  • Never click on Unknown and unsecure links these are somehow connected to a phishing site. Where the hacker or scammer demand for your details like name, DOB, Phone number, credit card details. After filling out all the details by you he easily make fool of you and went away. Avoid these types of Links as much as possible.
  • Use Strong Password and different password in every social media account. It is impossible for hackers to guess your password. Use combination of numbers, special symbols, uppercase and lowercase in your password.

I hope that you will always stay safe while Browsing. and I am not saying that you are 100% safe. Because day by day Technology is getting better and due to the development in technology new loopholes are also discovered by professional security experts or hackers. So surf the internet carefully.

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