It is a practice of connecting multiple 
a computing device in order to share
resources, Exchange files and allow 
electronic communication.                       

When We are in the cybersecurity Field or any IT-related domain Networking plays an important role in this field. Without Networking, reading cybersecurity is like building a home without a foundation. Many people are still confused that which book should we prefer for reading networking. Because there are so many books are available on the market. and these are numerous.

To solve this Problem

Here are the lists of some Best Networking books 

1.Comp TIA Network + Study Guide N10-007

This book is written by Todd Lammle. He is a world-renowned author, speaker, and consultant with more than 100 study guides in print. Todd has more than 30 years of experience working with LANs, WANs, and large licensed and unlicensed wireless networks. This Books Covers 100% of exam objectives, including networking concepts, infrastructure, network operations, network security, Networking troubleshooting and tools, and much more... According to my opinion, this book is best for the OSCP exam. And this book is for beginners and PRO.  

2.101 Labs-Comp TIA network + Hands-on Practical labs 

This Book is Written By Paul Browning. He left behind a career in law enforcement in 2000 and started an IT consulting and training company. He's written over 15 best-selling IT books. The main mission of this book is to turn you into an IT expert by doing instead of reading. This book is designed to help you pass the new N10-007 exam. You will learn  TCP/IP, security, networking protocols and standards, best practices, subnetting and IP addressing, and much more Things from this book.

3.CompTIA Network+N10-007 cert Guide

This book is written by Anthony Sequeira. This book contains all the theory parts from basic to advance level like Computer Network fundamentals, OSI Model, Network components, Ethernet Technology, etc. I think this is the best book for Networking or IT-related examination. This book also comes with some additional things like Exam Essentials Interactive Study Guide, Performance-based Exercises, CompTIA Network+N10-007 Hands-on Lab Simulator Lite Software.

4.Networking All in One For Dummies

This book is written by Doug Lowe. This is the one networking book that's designed to replace an entire shelf full of the dull and tedious networking books you'd otherwise have to buy. This book contains all the basic and not-so-basic information you need to know to get a network up and running and to stay on top of the networks as it grows, Develop problems, and encounters trouble. If you are just getting started as a network administrator, this book is ideal. The basic idea of this book is that I've tried to wring out the 100 or so most useful pages of information on nine different networking topics:-Network basics, building networks, working with TCP/IP, and many more.

5.Networking made Easy: Get yourself connected

This book is written by James Bernstein. he has been working with various companies in the IT field since 2000, managing technologies such as SAN and NAS storage, VMware, Networking, and more. He is also the founder of the website, which offers its readers valuable
information on topics such as Windows, Networking, troubleshooting, etc. This Book is designed to take your overall networking skills from a beginner to the next level. Get a top-level Understanding without a complex education. This easy-to-use guide will help you navigate your way to becoming proficient with network fundamentals and technology.

6.Ghost in the Wires

This book is written by Kevin Mitnick and William L. Simon. and Steve Wozniak. This book tells the life story of Kevin Mitnick. This book is very special for Techies interested in Hacking(although the book doesn't provide any guide for hacking, It gives an inside story of the life of the hacker). In this book, Kevin Mitnick narrated his all the thrilling incidents.

7.Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach(6th Edition)

This book is written by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross. The most important aspects of this book: its top-down approach, it focus on the Internet and a modern treatment of computer Networking, Its attention to both principles and practice, and its accessible style and approach towards learning about computer networking. This textbook is for a first course on computer networking. It can be used in both computer science and electrical engineering departments. And this book is appropriate for undergraduate courses and for first-year graduate courses. It should also be useful to practitioners in the telecommunications industry. 

8.Cryptography and network security principles and practice

This book is written by William Stallings. The purpose of this book to provide a practical survey of both the principles and practice of cryptography and network security. In the first part of the book, the basic issues to be addressed by a network security capability are explored by providing a tutorial and survey of cryptography and network security technology. The later part of the book deals with the practice of network security: practical applications that have been implemented and are in use to provide network security. The book includes a number of pedagogic features like use of computer algebra system sage and numerous figures and tables to clarify the discussions. Each chapter in this book includes a list of keywords, review questions, homework problems, and suggestions for further reading.

9.Data communication and Networking 5th Edition

This Book is Written by Behrouz A. Forouzan. This Book is Designed to help students understand the basics of data communications and networking, and the protocols used in the internet in particular by using the protocol layering of the Internet and TCP/IP protocol suite. This textbook brings the beginning student right to the forefront of the latest advances in the field While Presenting the fundamentals in a clear, straightforward manner. The "bottom-up" approach allows instructors to cover the material in one course, rather than having separate courses on data communications and networking.

I hope that Now you don't have to go here and there for asking which networking book should we read for strengthening our networking skills. 

Apart from these books there are so many Networking related books are available in the market but acc. to my opinion these are the best ones which maximum people recommend you for reading.


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